Investment Terms & Conditions


1.1 The Products and services offered by SwyftFX Starck Enterprise (hereinafter the Company) are within 30 days and subject to renewal after expiration. The interest and commissions to be paid on any of the products or services are specified.

1.2 With the product and services agreement concluded within the framework of the corresponding offer (hereinafter the Agreement), a natural or a legal person (hereinafter the Client) deposits a certain amount of money for a product or service with the Company (hereinafter the Payment Sum), whereas the Company shall be obliged, under the terms and conditions set forth in the Agreement and the relevant Offer Conditions, to pay stipulated interest on the Payment Sum in terms of investment plan products, and return the Payment Sum to the Client on the established deposit maturity date.

1.3 To conclude the Agreement, the Client must have a bank account with any approved and regulated bank in or outside Nigeria.

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2.1 The Company shall establish the terms and conditions of offer prior to each offer, which determine the preconditions of purchasing a product or acquiring a service within the framework of the offer as well as the terms and conditions for concluding the Agreement (hereinafter the Offer Conditions).

2.2 With the Offer Conditions, the Company establishes, inter alia, the minimum Payment Sum, the minimum volume of the offer, the Agreement conclusion period (hereinafter the Tenure), the Payment Period – i.e. the settlement date and maturity date, the guaranteed interest rate and the basis for calculation and paying the additional interest.

2.3 The exact amount of the approximate rates and values indicated in the Offer Conditions as range shall be specified by the Company upon confirmation of the offer.

2.4 Any rights and obligations related to the Offer Conditions shall only arise upon confirmation of the corresponding offer by the Company.


3.1 The Company shall conclude Agreements for opening an investment portfolio within the framework of the corresponding offer during the Tenure set forth in the Offer Conditions.

3.2 By signing the Agreement, the Client shall accept the Offer Conditions established for the corresponding offer. The Offer Conditions shall form an integral part to the Agreement. In issues not regulated by the Agreement, the Company and the Client shall be governed by the General Terms and Conditions of the Company.

3.3 The Company shall have the right to cancel the offer and the Offer Conditions and withdraw, without giving an advance notice, from the Agreements concluded within the framework of the offer, if:

  1. during the Tenure, extraordinary events or circumstances occur or become known, which, according to the Company’s professional judgement, render the established Offer Conditions materially unreasonable in the given market situation;
  2. other basis for cancellation, specified in the corresponding Offer Conditions occur.

3.4 In case of cancellation of the offer, the Company shall immediately release the Payment Sum for the product or service within the framework of the offer. With cancellation, the Agreement shall be deemed terminated.


4.1 Upon confirmation of the offer, the Client shall make the Payments Sum via available payment or transactions made by the Company.

4.2 It is not possible to make additional payments to the Payment Sum during the Tenure, but can proceed to acquire or make payments for other investment plan or service.

4.3 On the payment of interest in the case of investment plan, the Company shall transfer specified interest payments to the Client’s Bank account which was provided in the Agreement.


5.1 In the case specified in Clause 6.4 of the Agreement, the Client shall pay to the Company a fee for early termination of any product or service after the end of the Subscription Period (hereinafter the Exit Fee) in accordance with the Offer Conditions. The Company’s Exit Fee is stipulated at 30% of any product or service acquired by the Client.

5.2 The Company has the right to debit the Exit Fee from the Client’s Payment Sum.

5.3 The Company may receive commission from product providers following arrangement of investments, and this is retained for the Company's benefit. The Client will receive from the product provider, or from the Company, information about the commission that the Company receives. The Company will inform the client of the amount of commission payable to the Company on any investment it has arranged for the client. The Company retains the right to share this commission with professional connections at its discretion. As this commission is retained, clients are not charged extra for arranging such contracts except by separate arrangement as agreed in advance with the client.

5.4 If the Company receives a commission or other form of benefit from the issuer of a security or from another intermediary, the Company will disclose the amount received and the amount charged to the client.

5.5 Please note that the Company may vary the fees, commission charges and costs of its services from time to time or introduce a new charge in a clear, fair and transparent way in order to comply with any specific regulatory change impacting business operations.

5.6 Any change to this agreement will be disclosed and formally communicated to you and will usually take the form of a completed application form, either written or online. However, if the fee or commission charge is part of a restructuring of the charges you are already paying, as a result of regulatory changes, then provided the overall cost to you remains unchanged or is lower, we will notify you in advance but will not require your written consent. Please note that unit cancellation may be used to pay for service charges.


6.1 Client's account shall be permanently suspended upon violation of any of the company's instructions, rules and regulations.

6.2 The Company has the right to transfer client's investment portfolio off its entire system, without giving an advance notice within the framework of the offer, if:

  1. during the Tenure, there's an internal issue between the company and client's Affilliate refferer or other extraordinary events or circumstances occur.
  2. other basis for cancellation, specified in the corresponding Offer Conditions occur.

6.3 The Client has the right to contact his/her affiliate refferer for capital payment upon transfer of investment portfolio.


7.1 The Agreement shall enter into force on the moment it is signed.

7.2 The Agreement shall be terminated upon the return of the Payment Sum and the payment of the calculated interest at the end of the corresponding Tenure.

7.3 The Company shall have the right to terminate the Agreement in case the Company passes a decision to cancel the offer.

7.4 The Client shall have the right to early termination of the investment plan or service, and cancel the Agreement by giving the Company a corresponding order at least 5 (five) working days prior to the desired termination date. date.

7.5 The Client has the right to cancel the Agreement at any time during the Tenure by informing the Company of the respective request on the last day of the Tenure at the latest.


8.1 Written communication or online instructions (including email instructions from an email address which you have provided to us) will normally be required before the Company will act for the client but oral instructions at the Company's discretion will also be acceptable.

8.2 Authority to act on behalf of the client may be terminated at any time without penalty by either party giving notice in writing or by e-mail to the other. Such termination will not affect the completion of any transaction already initiated on your behalf.


9.1 The Company acts as the client’s agent in arranging investments, and never owns investments it arranges for them including the funds used for such investment.

9.2 All investments will be registered in the name of the client(s). Contract notes and documents of title will be sent directly to the client by the Company no later than the first business day following the receipt by the Company. However, when a number of contract notes or documents relating to a series of transactions is involved, they may be retained by the company until the series is complete.